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96 Bars of Success: Brief History of Music

Most kids of our generation and this present generation have all collectively been into music and poetry. It’s been one of the tools that has gotten us through our individual challenges in life. It helps as a distraction from reality also to focus and train the mind at the same time. Some of the questions that led to the foundation idea of the project were, What kid doesn’t like music? What child does not listen to music and try to absorb it into their own lifestyle? So since music has become such a major influential factor in the lifestyle of most of this current generation

48 Bars of Passion: The Rhythm of the Heart

Poetry is a form of music It’s the rhythm of our heart And music, well Music is life It’s the sound of your soul It’s linked to a moment’s feeling. At that moment music brings peace It becomes an escape from reality The ultimate form of relief Bringing comfort and hope It’s food for the mind Positive or negative It’s an expression of color And love It’s the key to the heart Most importantly Music is a gift